I'm strong, too. I can lift things right up over my head.

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Meet a Muslim Family! 

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BNV 2013 - Quarter Finals - Washington DC (by YOUTHSPEAKS)

It took five months, but my radishes are finally flowering! Seeds galore! #heirloom #gardening #growyourown #collectyourseeds #radish

Billionaires With Big Ideas Are Privatizing American Science


The Best Programming Language (or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Code)


TL;DR: The Great Languages

I hereby declare these languages to be The Great Languages within the realms of my blog.

  • Assembly: the language of the machine.
  • C: the systems language.
  • Javascript: the language of the web.
  • Scheme: the lightweight, embeddable and extremely flexible language that compiles to both C and Javascript.
Please go donate and help save babies! This link will take you to Jayden’s fundraising page. Every year, he walks in memory of his little sister, Janessa. (via March for Babies - View Personal Page For MyLilSis)
First two movie posters framed and mounted! My favorite movie on the left and Nate’s favorite on the right. #raiders #indianajones #dirtydancing #icarriedawatermelon
Only one house republican has joined the noh8 campaign. I hope more follow suit. 

 (via #NOH8onTheHill 4 Love | NOH8 Campaign)